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Myrtle Beach

Welcome to YRyde Bykes, the new and exciting way to get around Myrtle Beach and North Myrtle Beach. YRyde’s pedal-assist electric bikes offer a healthy, environmentally responsible and affordable way to beat the traffic gridlock, eliminate the endless search for parking spaces, explore local bike trails, shop, dine and exercise. Just park your car when you reach your vacation destination and avoid the hassles of dealing with Myrtle Beach’s traffic congestion. E-bikes provide a fun and efficient transportation alternative. Our high-end, easy to ride e-bikes are outfitted with racks and baskets to keep up with your busy vacation lifestyle. Book now to reserve yours!

Our e-bikes allow you to:

  • Use the bike lanes and breeze by standstill traffic at speeds up to 20 miles per hour.

  • Stop worrying about parking spaces. Ride, park and lock. All points are now easily accessible. We provide the locks.

  • Our e-bikes are legal to use on Ocean Boulevard. Golf carts are not.

Reserve your e-bikes today to guarantee delivery:

  • Free delivery with weekly and monthly rentals.

  • Daily rentals available, though the bikes need to be picked up and returned from our offices. Call for a reservation.

  • Rent three bikes and get the fourth free.

  • The e-bikes have a range of 25-45 miles before requiring a recharge. We will provide you with a charger.

  • YRyde Bykes will provide roadside assistance if you encounter a mechanical problem during a ride.

  • Yryde Bykes proudly donates a portion of every rental to the Elliott Realty Charitable Community Fund.

Call Here to RSVP:

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